Cinema Video Robot Chases
La Sportiva Shoe

Using a cinema robotics system, the video team at OMS has successfully chased a shoe with their favored RED camera, and the shoe has chased the camera. In a more reasonable tone, the OMS video crew made a nice video with a La Sportiva shoe.

The video features a variety of technical camera moves that highlight the unique features of this La Sportiva shoe, with particular attention to the capabilities of the BOA Fit System.

It all began with a few simple ideas. Director Jake Anderson wanted to create a video demonstrating our creative and technical skills, using two brands we felt inspired by,  La Sportiva and BOA Fit Systems. OMS and BOA have worked together for a few years on various photography projects, but Jake saw this La Sportiva shoe as unique and exciting to highlight. Dialing in numerous ideas, the production grew into the video we have today.

 Everything you see was made possible by our video team of director Jake Anderson, creative tech Paul Lanterman, and video editor Joshua Bray. Each member creatively worked together and fully understood how to leverage our robotics cinema system to execute each bold idea. Throughout the production, the team used the robot to move the shoe around the camera and then move the camera around the shoe using innovative rigs and approaches. The video has a modern and high-end look by utilizing bold contrast and creative lighting. These elements came together in the video editing process to make the robot and other devices disappear while the floating shoes remain. 

3 seconds of pure precision

At the 25-second mark, the audience will experience a stop motion camera move that is a moment of brilliance by our team (if I could be so humble). The BOA fit system features a rotating dial that allows athletes to “dial in” their preferred tightness. Jake and Paul devised a stop motion scene to show this in a video without a hand obscuring the view. They painstakingly captured over 305 individual frames programmatically using the robotic arm to guide the camera plus 12 frames to finish the clicks. They used a spreadsheet to calculate the frames necessary for each click of the BOA Dial during the move. Then it ends with a pullback using a single video move.

Serendipitously, the team at SISU was searching for a case study to demonstrate their system which was an excellent opportunity for them to come and document the production at our Cincinnati studio. SISU’s team, based in Texas, enthusiastically agreed to travel to Cincinnati. They are responsible for all of the behind-the-scenes photos and footage. We send them a special thank you for their commitment to our partnership!

Our video will hopefully inspire other idea-thinker-uppers to lean into our creatives for video needs. Also, we hope this will help our long-term robotics partner, SISU, with their marketing materials.

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