Marketers, Here’s How to Prepare for 2024

It’s finally arrived—the race to the holidays. Your neighbor’s 8-foot skeleton finally comes down and is replaced with eight full-size reindeer. The speed at which the holidays come rushing in after Halloween can catch you off guard (much like your neighbor’s 8-foot skeleton as you head to work in the morning). 

And as the year quickly comes to an end, as marketers, we are faced with a blank 2024 calendar that we need to plan against. At OMS, we are lucky to be a content studio, so we always have content to fill our channels. But, we understand the difficulty brands face when it comes to posting fresh, relevant content to win eyes and audiences alike. 

This is why we developed a program to help our customers have a constant stream of content monthly. We call it OMS’s Social Media Creative Services. The three main objectives of our program are to: 

  • Equip your team with in-house creatives for collaboration, real-time content development/posting, and delivery of post-ready creative. 
  • Help establish consistent, constant visuals for your brand that can be used across platforms. 
  • Capture your brand’s essence and story to quickly connect with your potential and current customers throughout the year. 

The best part of our program is the ease of partnership. We’ll work with you and your creative team to establish a cadence of photography and videography that feels right for your brand and deliver the final assets, cut to spec, directly to your inbox. Here are just two examples of how our program could work for you.

Monthly Content with Naked & Thriving

Naked & Thriving is a brand committed to the idea that clean, natural-derived skincare is the ultimate path to helping its customers achieve their optimal skin look and feel. Collaborating closely with OMS’s in-house photographers and videographers, Naked & Thriving uses our creative imagery and videos to populate their content calendar with timely assets to enhance their website, retail listings, and promotional materials. Every month, we engage with the team at N&T to fully grasp their creative vision and plan for that month’s content. They send us their products, and we transform them into vibrant, compelling visuals.

Monthly Content – Example Breakdown

  • 1:1 sessions with our photographer, videographer, and production team to plan the monthly shot list, discuss the product(s) and their use cases/unique selling points, and review desired examples and overall creative vision
  • Unique, on-trend, and on-brand set/prop designs based on the desired look and feel.
  • Direct contact with photographer/videographer during shoot days for real-time feedback
  • 5 final, edited, and color-corrected video assets with audio mixed, formatted to desired video file format
  • 15 final, retouched photography assets, formatted/cropped to desired file format
  • 1-off requests are available for quick-turn projects when necessary

So, as you begin to swap out the goblins for garland – think about how easy life could be with content sent to you every month. Contact us today to learn more!