The Power of Custom Rigging

Did you know that OMS has an in-house creative tech? For over a decade, Paul Lanterman, OMS Creative Tech, math-genius, rig-creator extraordinaire, robot master, and can-do-er, tackling some of OMS’s most difficult creative challenges and turning the seemingly impossible into reality.

In his most recent endeavor, Paul crafted a custom multi-function rig designed to capture the beauty of small details. Leveraging custom mechanisms integrated with OMS’s SISU Robotic motion control system, multiple actions could be tightly choreographed to build a repeatable visual effect in-camera.

Paul joined forces with in-house Video Director and Editor Josh Bray to strategize the optimal approach for capturing the vision in-camera. To add the final touch, the team enlisted owner, photographer and chocolate virtuoso TJ Vissing. As one of the most trusted chocolate photographers in the country, TJ ensured the products were at full visual potential.

After a bit of fiddling and calibration – it was time to sync up the mechanisms, hit record on the camera and let the robot ‘do it’s dance’ .

Reflecting on the project, Paul expressed his desire to create something universally applicable across businesses, regardless of their budget. Typically, custom setups to this level of complexity would be exclusive to our largest clients. But using modern fabrication techniques, more creative visuals can be tailored to meet the needs of any of our clients needs and budgets.


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