Welcome, Shon Curtis! Hello Dayton Ohio

We are happy to announce the newest member of our team, Shon Curtis. Earlier in 2021, we’ve added Shon to our roster to offer a unique perspective. His style brings something fresh to OMS, and his personality is a delight.

Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Shon has built a life around creativity and community. A fantastic poet, talented musician, former podcast host, and all-around artist, his talents seem to be never-ending. When he grabs a camera, he cultivates a high-end style while getting personal with his subjects. 

From the lens of social activism and culture, Shon has developed his keen focus on storytelling and the style of image-making. In 2018 Shon began a storytelling project documenting various elements of West Dayton through design and photography, leading to banners, building wraps, and neighborhood place-makers creating a visual identity for local historic communities. It is the portraiture element throughout this project that further documents the human experience encapsulated throughout Shon’s work. 

Curtis has exhibited work with Dayton’s Visual Voices 2019 Skyscraper Exhibit and photos on exhibit with the BLASM: Black Life As Subject Matter exhibit at Ebonia Gallery in Dayton, Ohio. 

Once you meet him, you’ll find he has this way of talking and getting to know you, which dives deep before you even know it. His calm demeanor and excellent sense of humor elevate our team, and we are thankful he’s joining OMS!

Shon’s primary work with OMS Photo focuses on portraits and he’s excited to branch out into food and product photography. His studio is based in Dayton but he’s happy to work out our Cincinnati studio any time! Enjoy some of his fantastic photography, and keep him in mind for your upcoming shoots. 

View Shon’s full portrait portfolio