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Photography + Video

We recommend our photographer Matt Witherspoon for consideration on this project. He brings a unique set of skills to meet the different aspects of the project. Matt is a fantastic lifestyle photographer with wide-ranging expertise and versatility. 

Please enjoy a relevant selection of our work below that demonstrate our abilities and aesthetics.

Retouching + Editing

Upon completing the production, our in-house digital team will work its magic to elevate the images and videos and ensure a smooth delivery. We pride ourselves on easy and quick communication to keep your project on track from start to finish.


Our Team

Nancy Armstrong

Anna Jones
Digital Production Manager

Scott Burchett
Senior Retoucher & Partner

In-house Photo Retouching

There’s no photo magic here, it just looks like it

OMS believes in taking on a visual challenge and rising to the occasion. A great photo gets us 90% of the way to the desired product. Digital retouching pushes us to 100%. There is an undeniable “wow” factor here, but our joy comes from sharing the process with others.

Where an in-house team makes the difference
  • Full collaboration with photographers and clients
  • Photographers can shoot with next steps in mind
  • Revisit finished images anytime to fit your next campaign
Bottles and hand of Tide product before retouching Bottles and hand of Tide product after retouching
Skin beauty retouching before Skin beauty retouching after

Studios in Cincinnati, Denver, & Orlando

Each Shooting Space Has

A professional kitchen

Each kitchen has everything a food stylist or chef would need. Ovens, ranges, ample prep areas, refrigerators, freezers, all types of cooking equipment, utensils, and more. Even fryers!

A client work area

Each space has an area for clients, with snacks, beverages, high-speed wi-fi, and access to high-def screens where photographers can show their work in progress. You will actually get work done while we execute your shoot.

A closed set option

Have a product that requires discretion? Each floor is an excellent space for privacy. We can lock the doors, draw the curtains, and have only designated people enter. The entire OMS staff has signed a non-disclosure agreement for all clients that work with us. Just let us know in advance if this is something you need.

First Floor Studio at OMS Photo
Second floor studio at OMS Photo 1
An active photo shooting studio - OMS Photo's Golden Colorado photo studio
an alternate view of modern kitchen of OMS Photo's Golden Colorado photo studio
Second Floor Photo Studio Kitchen
The third floor studio at oms photo
Orlando OMS Photo studio 1
Orlando OMS Photo studio 2

Full-Time Producers

Green industrial air plane turbine

The puzzle that makes a photo shoot

Producing a photo shoot is all about working with moving parts. Coordinating multiple people, timelines, locations, props, and communication lines is a full-time job. This is exactly why we have a dedicated team.

Images of all the parts of turbine exploded

Photographers and their support crew

The photographer can execute a vision, but they can’t do everything solo. It’s imperative to find the right crew to work alongside the photographer. Depending on the requirements of the shoot, we’ll find, coordinate and schedule the involvement of several different people.

Photography Assistants

Production Assistants

Food Stylist


Set/Prop Stylists

Hair and Makeup Stylists

Wardrobe Stylists

Craft Services

Meet The Creatives of OMS

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