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Photographers for Marijuana

Cannabis, CBD, and MMJ brands are in one of the fastest-growing market places in the US. As the industry is becoming more saturated with dispensaries, specialized products, and online stores, now is the right time to take your cannabis marketing efforts to a whole new level.

Having professional, well-executed photography gives your brand the ability to look legit. Your plants, pipes, concentrates, or edibles need photos that grab your customer’s attention and keep it. For most of the people in this industry, this is your passion. That passion should be reflected in everything you show the world.

Located in Denver CO and Cincinnati OH with photographers that are willing to travel anywhere, we are uniquely situated to serve the needs of any marijuana or CBD company.

Enjoy our gallery of cannabis, pipes, lifestyle, and CBD photography.

Working with the Photography Team At OMS

What OMS brings to the table is decades of commercial photography experience. Over that time, we’ve worked the biggest brands in the USA, and we are offering that level of professionalism to the cannabis and MMJ industry.

Our studios offer:

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