Check out OMS assistant and photographer, Krys O’Bryan’s, latest shoot with Cincinnati’s Motion Shop

Krys O’Bryan, a talented local photographer specializing in fashion photography and a trusted assistant at OMS, recently collaborated with luxury boutique Motion Shop to bring to life their most recent feature -the Nike & Powerpuff Girls Collaboration.

Discover how Krys channeled the nostalgic charm of the nostalgic Powerpuff Girls brand to breathe life into the product.

“I’m always eager to collaborate with local brands,” remarked Krys in a recent interview. “Motion has been a personal favorite of mine; my brother and I always visit the store to check out the newest sneakers, collaborations, and limited edition pieces.”

“As a 90s kid, the Powerpuff Girls collaboration resonated deeply with me, and aligned perfectly with my photographic style. I aimed to couple the beloved Powerpuff Girls theme and color palette with Motion’s contemporary aesthetic. Utilizing a few AI and editing tools, I crafted a cartoon-like backdrop, collaborating closely with our in-house retoucher, Jack Sullivan, to seamlessly integrate the product into this environment.”

Photographer: Krys Hackett

In addition to the lifestyle images, Krys provided Motion with high-quality eCommerce photos. “It’s important that my clients receive high-quality, on-white visuals to help drive sales. Both components of the photography process, lifestyle, and eCommerce, are important to me, as they help tell a consistent and cohesive brand story across multiple channels and points of sale.”

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