Consistent Ecommerce Product Photography for SKT Ceramics

Ecommerce photography requires accurate and consistent images. When SKT Ceramics started working with our photographer Sarah Hone, it was all about upgrading their website images.

With over 87 designs, multiple glazes, and multiple product types, there are numerous products for SKT to display online. As a small business owner, Susannah Tisue continually has a hands-on approach to both her pottery and its marketing. Participating in every step of the shoot, Susannah took some time to help us understand more about her motivations for updating her images.

Glazes and fine drawings have nuances that can quickly be lost with low-quality images. For example, the icy white glazes on many of these products actually have the slightest blue hue, and without proper lighting and composition, that detail won’t reveal itself in the photo. These nuanced differences are important to show to customers online who cannot see and hold the products before purchase.

It’s important to present all the products consistently. Sarah does a fantastic job-saving set-up notes from each shoot. Everything from lighting setups to a digital grid help repeat photo composition shoots after the shoot. This lets Susannah return to OMS when she has new products and always comes away with a consistent output – a process that is reminiscent of the production of her own products.

While inventory was being photographed, the SKT Ceramics website manager was preparing and working on updates comfortably in our studio. The collaborative and hard-working atmosphere made for a fun day.

“I’ve spent 10 years developing and refining my ceramic craft and process, but always felt like our DIY photos didn’t reflect the detail of the images or the color of our high fired glazes as accurately as I would like, as we were always chasing natural light and struggling with consistency. The OMS studio setup gives us accurate, beautiful images that honor the work that we put into the pieces themselves. Sarah Hone brings both innovative styling suggestions to our photos and a mathematical approach in arranging shots of each object. I look forward to every shoot with Sarah at OMS and can’t wait to see how our site photography evolves over time.”

-Susannah Tisue

Review a gallery featuring some of the excellent and consistent products from the shoot.”

To view more images like these check out the SKT Ceramics website.

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