Creating A Bicycle Video Short – Featuring Royce Union

We love working on bikes. The multifaceted details, the size, and bold lifestyle around cycling gives us a vast playground of ideas to explore. As we have built our excellent relationship with Huffy Bikes, and their subsidiary, Royce Union, we were eager to shoot a Royce Union bike with our robotic arm and Red Camera setup. So we asked for a bike from them, and we got it. Special shout out to the fantastic team at Huffy!

For this video, our videographer Jake Anderson collaborated with our photographer Matt Witherspoon. Where Jake focused on the robotics and video movements, Matt sought to concentrate on lighting and visuals.

The goals were to make a 15 second short that featured large scale movements that then honed in on finer details. The overall idea was to create a feel reminiscent of a short automobile advertisement.

We feel like we met our goals and are happy to share this video.

For the photography and video enthusiasts reading this article. The video was made with the following significant pieces of equipment.

Enjoy some behind the scenes and the video.

If you’re interested in the bike, check them out on the Royce Union website.

This kind of video can be great for national ads, social media campaigns, and more — interested in seeing something like as part of your social feed?

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