Effective Ecommerce Photography for Your Website and Amazon

Figuring out your website setup and an Amazon account can be a frustrating process. From colors and layouts to following best practices and guidelines, it’s all about getting everything right and ready to sell. Ecommerce photography can sometimes feel like one more hill to climb, but if you do a little planning it can turn into an easy walk. Find some tips below based on our past experience.

Ecommerce Starting Shot List and Guidelines

Having more than one photo might seem like any simple thing to keep in mind, but we’ve all seen product listings online that only have one photo. So we put together a starting shot list that will be great for any product.

Three to five straightforward images on white background from different angles

One to two unexpected images to give your product some life. This could showcase a special feature of your product or display it in a fun but simple way. It could also make for an attractive listing image on Amazon. You can even have an unboxing image, which will let the customer see everything that comes with it.

One to two lifestyle images can help your viewer experience the product. Think about the most common settings for your product and use photography to take your customers there.

Consider 360 videos or images to help the customer truly see your product at all angles. This is not a necessary step, but it does add a lot to the experience.

Follow the guidelines on Amazon, even if you’re not planning on being listed on Amazon today. Think about your business a year or two from now: could your product be on Amazon or another online marketplace? If so, protect yourself from having to do a reshoot. The guidelines are simple to follow, and when you work with OMS, we’ll make sure to meet your needs and any outside requirements.

Some basic guidelines include:

  • Having most images of your product on a plain white background with nothing “extra” in the photo.
  • Backgrounds in some images are allowed.
  • High-quality and high-resolution photos that are larger than 1000px in width. This will let people zoom in. All photos delivered from OMS are much larger than this.
  • All images should have consistent formatting and color

Your website is more than a product catalog

It’s easy to miss when you’re focused on selling a product, but websites have a lot of areas to display much more than a catalog. A homepage banner, sale advertisements, and blog posts are just a few examples. When you’re planning your photography needs, work with a photographer to come up with some “wow” images. Take your customers on a journey and make your brand look amazing. These are great for social media as well.

Here are some examples below…

Not sure where to start?

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