An Exploratory Shoot with A Food Stylist, Jen Straus

Everyone at OMS is a creative who enjoys what they do, creating excellent photos.

When photographers work with clients they’re often working inside creative constraints to achieve specific goals. However, a few times a year our photographers choose to work with various creatives in our community to collaborate on fresh approaches. When photographers work with food stylist for the sole purpose of having some fun, it allows each of them to relax and share their ideas.

Recently our photographers Anna Jones, Jake Anderson, and TJ Vissing reached out to the stellar food stylist, Jen Straus. The group set out to collaborate on styles and approaches they’ve been wanting to pursue. Jen led the way by bringing beautiful fruits and vegetables from the west coast, as well as some great recipe ideas. Over the course of two days, they created a beautiful editorial video and an array of vibrant images. Enjoy the work below.

First up, Jake and Jen created this excellent video.

Next up, Anna and Jen created the following dynamic series of images.

During Jake’s and Anna’s shoots, TJ quietly created some beautiful still lifes with a little help from Jen in the background.

For our followers who don’t know, a food stylist is essentially an artist who has a mastery of culinary skills that can compose food in a way that maximizes visual appeal. At OMS, we often work with food stylist for a variety of clients, and it’s a key factor that elevates food brands to look their best.

If you’d like to see work like this for your brand, we know a food stylist who can do it ;).

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