Exploring Creating Marketing Videos for Beer Cheese

Recently, we have been exploring ideas around beer cheese videos to showcase at trade shows for one of our food clients. An exploratory shoot with a specific application in mind pushes our creative skills in different ways.

The target audience at a tradeshow is often on the go and had loads of visual information competing for attention. When people are quickly moving by booth after booth, videos need to be concise and attention-grabbing. With this creative constraint in mind, our photographer TJ Vissing teamed up with food stylist Ricky Moores, to create a series of brief video clips. An integral part of the shoot was our creative tech, Paul Lanterman, who knows how to operate our robotic camera system and everything related to motion control video.

Though the short videos had a specific goal for trade shows, the clips could be used for any number of video formats, such as social media, websites, and more.

Motion Control Fun – Camera Robotics, Lights, and Turntables

Using our robotic KAISU system and our RED camera, TJ, Paul, Ricky, and the assistants spent time covering all the aspects of beer cheese.

They started the shoot by focusing on a variety of beers a company can use in the beer cheese creation process. In the first set, the beers were placed on an electronically controlled turntable synced with the robotic arms movement. They even automated the actions of the background lights. Once set up, they could take pass after pass while maintaining focus on organic variables of ice, water, and additional lights. This kind of control is what makes this video possible and exciting to view.

From there, the focus was set on making environments and compositions to display the quality and character of the beer cheese.

Video Editing and Post-Production

Finally, the last shot of the day focused on exploring mixing cheese with beer. This shot required the creation of a kitchen environment and a camera move to capture it all. This shot gave us a moment that proved our post-production specialist, Paul Lanterman (yeah same Paul!), can do some fantastic work.

It was a great summer day to have some windows open in the studio. Subsequently, during the best take of the set, a fly came in the space for a visit. In the following video, we can see TJ focusing on the action of the shot while trying to shoo the fly away.

What seemed like a loss turned out to be an excellent case-study for post-production capabilities. By utilizing our motion tracking skills, the fly was removed entirely from the final video.

When we work on new ideas, it opens up new possibilities for our clients.

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