Food Photography for Apricot Sun Mediterranean Food Bar

Growing a small business with confidence is inspiring. Recently OMS worked with the wonderful owners of Carmel’s Apricot Sun and wanted to share the story.

In April 2017, Apricot Sun was started by Marlen and Robert Wensel. Marlen’s family has a rich history of Mediterranean cooking with globally-inspired recipes that could be easily served up in a street food setting. They wanted to share their love for food and its power to bring people together. Starting off by setting up booths at local farmer’s markets, Apricots Sun’s all-natural, fresh, and gluten-free dishes were a hit.

Ready to take their business to the next level, Marlen and Robert began working on distributing and selling their food as frozen meals for grocery stores. To do this they were going to need to design packaging.

Finding professional photography and food stylists

First working with a local designer, they quickly realized they wanted high-quality images for their packaging. Just as they treat their food, Marlen and Robert have high standards for everything they do. Unable to find the right photographer in Indianapolis, they expanded their search to the surrounding cities and found OMS Photo in Cincinnati.

Their search was focused on high-quality style, experience with hi-resolution shots, and the ability to work with challenging foods like eggplant, which can change color quickly after cutting.

The importance of a food stylist was something new for them, but OMS explained the benefit of having a great photographer and stylist who work well together. We introduced them to one of our regular stylists Jeff Martin and our photographers Anna Jones and Jake Anderson. They all hit it off and the shoot was scheduled shortly after.

Capturing some tasty eats

The shoot went great, and Marlen enjoyed cooking the food along with Jeff. The styling work and direction from Anna resulted in some beautiful shots.

The photos were taken at a great pace while maintaining a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Everyone had fun participating, and the shoot was wrapped up by lunch! Marlen and Robert enjoyed sharing their food with Jeff, Anna, and Jake and having lunch like it was a regular family event.

Check out the finished images from the shoot and start following Apricot Sun.