Mexico Inspired Food Photography

Earlier this year, our photographer TJ Vissing and the food stylist Jen Straus had a beautiful exploratory shoot with some unique raw foods and recipes. The dynamic and artistic nature of this shoot was an excellent way for them to take a break from their usual commercial projects and flex some creativity.

The raw food and ingredients of the shoot were inspired by the culture and cuisine of Oaxaca, Mexico. In January of this year, Jen traveled for ten days in Oaxaca, where she learned and experienced the food that locals love to use in their everyday cooking.

The journey gave her new visual ideas for her food styling. While in Oaxaca, she capitalized on the opportunity to explore ingredients such as chili oils, tortillas, fruits, radishes, and mezcal. When TJ and Jen collaborated on this shoot, they focused on the colors, textures, and flavors representative of the region.

Enjoy a selection of the photos here.