Portrait of A Musician, Jerry Girton of The Girtons

We always look forward to doing something out of the norm. Recently our photographer Matt Witherspoon had the opportunity to do a portrait shoot with the local musician Jerry Girton of The Girtons. The group is known for it’s fun and retro styles, bringing back the sounds of the ’50s and ’60s.

Before the shoot, Matt refreshed himself on the portrait styles of musicians of the time. By doing a little homework, Matt was quickly able to work with Jerry to capture that classic style while producing a distinct look. Over the afternoon they swapped out suits and guitars to build up a small library of images for Jerry and his record label to use in upcoming promotions. It was fun to hear Jerry picking away as the session rolled on.

To stay up with The Girtons, check out their website: https://thegirtons.com/

Enjoy some of our favorite photo from the day: