7 Months of Photos and Video for Cantera Negra Tequila

At the beginning of 2019, OMS Photo started working with Cantera Negra. Cantera Negra is a premium tequila brand with an incredible line of tequila but is relatively new to the US. Founded more than 40 years ago, Cantera Negra only arrived in the USA in 2016. Since then they have snowballed, adding state after state to their distribution chain. Through this growth, they saw the need for high-quality drink photography and videos for their sales and marketing materials.

The connection to OMS for Cantera Negra grew out of a photo and video shoot at the beautiful Carriage House Farm. Our photographers Matt Witherspoon and videographer Jake Anderson were at the farm to document one a farmhouse dinner and met a rep from Cantera Negra who was there. That rep brought some fantastic tequila and told us about his company. Matt was intrigued by their story and impressed with the tequila. It wasn’t long before we began officials talks to create photography and videos for them.

Check out the video that started it all:

Excited by the opportunity, Cantera Negra worked out a deal with OMS to create videos and photography over seven months. Nearly every photographer on our team had some fun, either shooting video or photographing the tequila over that time. We are delighted to share the work today.

Month One – Setting the Tone

This first group of photos is from month one. It features a video by Jake Anderson and photography by TJ Vissing, Sarah Hone, Anna Jones, and Matt Witherspoon. We used the first month’s efforts to explore the tone and direction. Each photographer presented a different aesthetic on the product. In the end, the styles and aesthetics that TJ created became the guiding compass for the remaining shoots. The bold and rustic feel TJ created, according to Cantera Negra, aligned the best with the story, color, and tastes of the brand.

It was an exciting process to see how each photographer took an open concept and went in different directions.

Six Months of Photography and Videos

In the remaining months, our photographers Sarah Hone, Matt Witherspoon, Anna Jones, and TJ Vissing created numerous photos. Each one of them creatively operated inside the constraints set during the first month.

Throughout the completion of the photography, Jake Anderson, and in one month Monty Milburn, created the advertising videos. You’ll notice some of the videos share the same song. During the process, Cantera Negra’s leaders preferred one of the songs we selected, and it became the song they wanted on all of their videos moving forward.

Enjoy a curated selection of videos and photography from the months. See the photos credits by clicking on an image.

It was an exciting process to see how each photographer took an open concept and went in different directions.

Our retouching team also enjoyed working month after month cleaning up the photos and helping with file delivery. Though most of the months were necessary touch-ups, they pushed and pulled the colors of the images to create a vibrant and distinct look.

A cantera negra bottle with smoke before retouching A cantera negra bottle with smoke after retouching

Overall the program and relationship have been great for both Cantera Negra and OMS. We’ve enjoyed our time together and hope to create this kind of experience for many other brands.

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