Speaking to the Studio Management Class at Ohio University

Nancy Armstrong, our photographer and studio manager at our P&G studio recently took a  trip to Ohio University. She was invited to speak in front of the students currently enrolled in a Studio Management Class, as apart of the photography program. Nancy had a great time talking with the students and sharing the insights she’s gained since running our P&G studio since 1998.

Nancy Armstrong visiting Ohio University with Gary Kirksey

Today we’re sharing about her trip AND offering two free downloads she presented to the class. In a lot of ways, commercial photography can feel clouded in mystery, so we love to find ways to lift that curtain.

The class was located in the Schoonover Center that houses The School of Communications at OU, which is where the School of Visual Communications (aka Viscom) lives. The professor of the class is Gary Kirksey, who not only invited Nancy to speak but was once her professor when she went to OU.

Studio Managers/Producers

The studio manager makes sure that everything runs smoothly leading up to and during a photoshoot. Makes sure the photographer has everything she needs to take amazing pictures.

Some of their responsibilities include:

  • The daily operations of the studio.
  • The initial point of contact with the client
  • Reviews agency supplied artwork/shot list/discusses shot list needs, timing and final deliverables with the client
  • Meets with photographer and digital team to discuss project needs
  • Create a quote/estimate/show of work for the client.
  • Assembling/hiring the crew
  • Scheduling casting calls/hiring models

To see all 18 responsibilities Nancy presented download the document here:

Studio Manager Jobs-1

Usage Rights and Photography

When a photographer takes a photo, they own the copyright of the image itself. For the client to properly use the image, usage rights are negotiated through a license agreement that defines the way the client can use the image for a negotiated fee. A simple way to think about this is to view it like the photographer is “renting” the photos to a client to meet their specific needs. Clients can also ask for a full buyout where all the rights of the image are given to the client forever.

To learn more download the full document – Understanding Usage Rights and Licensing:

Understanding Usage Rights and Licensing-1

Nancy loved the opportunity to share her knowledge with the young and passionate students of OU. We hope to find more opportunities like this with area universities.