Surreal Food & Drink Photography with Sarah Hone

What started out as a casual idea with a tasty cinnamon danish turned into a stunning series of colorful photos.

Our photographer, Sarah Hone, was looking to do something different and went for it. Beginning with a light gray composition around the danish, it sparked the idea of going in a more colorful direction. Experimenting with the new approach Sarah started by gathering colorful backgrounds that we’re scraps of previous projects. Then it became fun to select foods, drinks, and wardrobes to explore different compositions.

View the gallery and learn about some of the processes below.

Somewhat reminiscent of Magritte, these drinks and dishes take on surrealist qualities. The process to arrive here was a true collaboration between Sarah and Lisa Woodhouse Cape, one of our retouchers. Initially starting with colorful squares and muted backgrounds, the collaboration transformed the images into an unbound and vibrant experience. Going back and forth on colors and direction, the discussions help create a fully realized monochromatic style.

The hand modeling and wardrobe was provided by our very own Hannah McNeil.

Take a peek behind the scenes and see an extra image from the shoot.