Website and Baked Good Photography For Klosterman Baking Company

A Full Website of Imagery

Having an entire website customized for your business is essential. From every aesthetic detail to the content, things have to be just right for its success. Well executed photography elevates designs and adds meaning to content.

When Klosterman Baking Company, a long-standing Cincinnati brand, set out to update their digital marketing presence, they weren’t sure of everything they needed. To get their feet wet, they set their sights on a smaller online project. From there, it expanded into the website we see today. A website that gave Klosterman a full library of custom photography.

Artisan 11 grain Batard Loaf of bread sliced
Photographer: Matt Witherspoon

Finding OMS

Wanting to expand its presence in the region, Klosterman decided to list and promote their business with Dot Foods, a large redistributor. This required a buyer profile with pictures of their products. Wanting it to look the best it could be, Klosterman’s marketing team began looking for a professional photography company to meet their needs.

They found OMS from a referral from local bakery and business partner, Sixteen Bricks Bakery. The team was impressed with our work. Klosterman decided to choose us and more specifically our photographer Matt Witherspoon. Matt did some excellent work for Sixteen Bricks in the past and the Klosterman team loved his style and execution.

When Matt completed the new images for Dot Food, the work instantly helped their online profile and gave them the fresh look they desired. It also gave Klosterman the confidence to trust OMS as a reliable vendor for photography.

The great results excited the team to start work on a new website. As Matt and Klosterman were already a good fit, OMS became the perfect choice for the work.

Goals for the website

Klosterman’s team was dealing with an outdated website with limited capabilities. One limitation being they could only have one image for each product listing! On top, of that, all the photography on the old site was product-driven only and contained nothing with real people.

They were motivated to upgrade everything for a fresh look.

The new website was designed to help their current B2B customers, attract new customers, attract new hires and fully demonstrate their partnership capabilities as a supplier.

The main goals for the photography included:

  • Defining a new style for their bread and company photos
  • Capturing new images for all the bread products listed on their website
  • Capturing new editorial style images using their bread in recipes
  • Capturing new company photos with real people that accent three key parts of their business which include
  • Capturing new company photos with real people that accent three key parts of their business which include:
    • The positive work-life of their employees
    • Klosterman’s distribution capabilities.
    • Klosterman’s small business style

The Results

Eight months and hundreds of high-quality images later, the Klosterman team was thrilled.

The process was well managed over the months and it became a smooth process after the style and directions were finalized. Matt continually guided the project to completion making it easy for Klosterman’s team to simply supply the bread and enjoy the shoot.

Check out their website today!

If you need a whole website of images or just excellent images for your marketing materials, contact OMS Photo today.