Thank You Everyone!

This year is an unusual one. Everyone is experiencing so many changes, and some are hard, and some are tragedies.

Here at OMS, we’ve had to tighten our belts, as many small businesses have. However, we are on the rebound, and things around the studio are humming. We feel good some days, nevertheless, it feels a little strange as so many people continue to struggle.

Today we are taking time to thank those who believe in us, the clients who turned our year around. There are so many of you, and we wanted to say thank you!

That’s it! Thank you!

Every person, agency, and company that chose OMS kept the doors open. All of us can’t thank you enough! This year is a risky one for investments, so we know everyone is putting their reputation on the line justifying spending marketing dollars with us. We believe we followed through on our promises and created some fantastic photos and videos this year. We have been as flexible as possible to make every image or video shoot work for you and your changing constraints. It’s been a privilege to be a partner to so many.

Earlier this year, Monty Milburn and Matt Witherspoon had the opportunity to capture some portraits of our clients as a way to say thank you. These are just a handful of the creative people we love to work with every year.

This year is not over yet, and we sincerely hope all of you weather it well!