PICKED: Raw Food Photography with Anna Jones

Taking a break from a busy month of work, our photographer Anna Jones took some down to explore a minimalist setup to food photography. Shoot after a shoot with complex setups it can feel refreshing to get back to basics. Armed with one camera, a camera stand, and abundant natural light, Anna set out to have some fun with exotic and familiar fruits & veggies. For textured backgrounds she pulled leftover materials OMS saved after years of shoots at the studio.

Anna frequently works with companies like Kroger, Frisch’s, and Cincinnati Magazine who often need fresh looks for their food-focused promotions. It’s explorations like this that help her collaborate with designers/marketing professionals to bring their visions to life.

Styling her own food for this series was an organic part of her process. Exploring the most interesting aspects of raw fruits and veggies with her hands can help her participate with food stylists on future shoots. It helps photographers push designs when they work with foods that are unfamiliar and require new perspectives.

Enjoy the gallery.