Portrait Photography for Concert Nova

Recently, OMS had the pleasure of working with Cincinnati’s own Concert Nova. An offshoot of the Cincinnati Symphony, this talented local group creates modern classical music, often pairing with other disciplines to create genre-bending performances.

Our photographer Jake Anderson led this shoot and created a set of excellent portraits. Concert Nova’s goal was to have new and better photography for the ensemble’s 12th season. This included new images for their website and print flyers for events.

Jake set out to create a rich and textured environment to compliment the group’s live experience. Inspired by the work of Miller Mobley, a Hollywood portrait photographer, Jake wanted to give Concert Nova the professional and elevated look they deserve.

Setting up the shoot to use both natural and controlled light, he mixed multiple elements to create a palette of colors and patterns for the background. The multi-textured backdrops and furniture props were thoroughly planned and tested before the band arrived. Sarah Hone helped Jake with experiments in lighting and set design and assisted during the shoot. Utilizing the open space on our second-floor studio was key to having a fluid workflow.

The band arrived in the afternoon and were able to bring their families along to the shoot. The kids could enjoy snacks and beverages while the band members were being photographed.

Starting with group portraits, with and without instruments, Jake then moved to do individual portraits for each member. In the end, each came away with a great array of images to choose from for their materials.

For information on their upcoming events please visit their website. http://concertnova.com/