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Captivating E-commerce Photos, Unmatched Results

Failing to catch users' attention on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, or even your own website, can have a severe impact. Feeling the sting of missed sales and lower customer engagement hurts.

Success of ecommerce products online hinges on photography. The sheer competitive market requires high-quality product photography that not only showcases your products but also sets them apart from your competitors when users are scrolling.

An e-commerce photographer is a specialized professional who understands the intricacies of producing visually compelling and effective product photography. Great photos drive sales and enhance customer engagement. OMS Photo offers seasoned photographers with years of experience working with well-established brands like P&G, Huk, and Smart Wool creating pristine product photos for a variety of applications.

Product Photos on a White Background are just the start.

While white background product photography is the classic choice, it's only the beginning of an effective e-commerce photography strategy. To stand out and capture the attention of potential customers, businesses need to showcase their products in a unique and visually appealing way. Using models, props, and even getting out of the studio, an experienced e-commerce photographer can provide businesses with the expertise and creativity to execute a comprehensive ecommerce strategy.

Seamlessly Integrate Lifestyle Product Photography

The best way to go beyond plain product photography is lifestyle product photography. However, not all photography can go from in the studio to on-location. We have a team of photographers that collaborate for our clients so any idea, anywhere, can be achieved.

Lifestyle photos focus on showcasing the products in use, which allow potential customers envision how the products fit in their life. Giving your photos a greater sense of context will foster an emotional connection between the customer and the product. Put it all together, and our clients receive a cohesive and engaging product presentation that can help drive sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Present your product photography on Amazon, or your website with confidence

To stand out on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Target, Walmart, or even your own website using Shopify, SquareSpace, or Wooocommerce, businesses need pristine photography that meets each platform's specific requirements. Online marketplaces rely heavily on visual content to drive sales, and an experienced e-commerce photographer can create product photography that meets these requirements while being unique and visually stunning.

By working closely with our in-house photo retouching team, we can meet any specification.

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Photo Editing Services for Ecommerce

Professional photo editing (AKA retouching) services are an essential element of effective e-commerce product photography. Skilled photo retouching teams can remove any imperfection, spec of dust, scratches, adjust brightness and contrast, correct color issues, and improve image composition. Retouchers are almost magicians; they can transform the look and feel of any photo and let you explore a variety of creative ideas. Try your product on different backgrounds or photo composite them into new places.